General Curriculum - Middle School

Bible & Spiritual Life

    • Demonstrate ability to explain their personal faith in Jesus Christ to another person
    • Develop curiosity about and appreciation for God's word and have effective tools to study the Bible independently
    • Become increasingly more comfortable tackling tough, ethically complex issues through a Christian worldview approach to a solution
    • Grow as thoughtful people, considering others, and seeking wisdom as a gift from God


    • Learn to graciously and effectively disagree and engage in debate
    • Grow in compassion realizing that all are God's children and all are in need of God's grace
    • Use the micro-community of the "Vault" (junior high) to practice genuine citizenship in order to prepare for the larger world

Language Arts

    • Master the Six Traits of Writing
    • Expand vocabulary through the study of Greek and Latin word roots
    • Practice reading and writing skills, becoming proficient readers and writers
    • Provide ample practice for group communication and group projects
    • Explore and appreciate good literature
    • Expansion of digital literacy


    • Our common phrase: "KNOW the PROCESS, DO the PROCESS, TRUST the PROCESS"
    • Competence in the order of operations both with numerical and algebraic values
    • Learn to value mistakes by receiving feedback, making corrections, and developing mastery of mathematical concepts

Social Studies

    • Develop an understanding that history is the story of mankind's choices and the subsequent results of those choices
    • Learning that God has worked throughout history to reveal Himself to mankind as the loving, relationship-seeking, Creator
    • Know and be able to articulate how our world today is the end product of mankind's choices