General Curriculum - First Grade

Bible & Spiritural Life

    • Memorize Scripture weekly
    • Study people and events of the Bible daily
    • Apply spiritual and practical truths from God’s Word
    • Discover the joy of worship & prayer in the classroom and at school-wide chapel service

Language Arts

    • Learn and practice reading strategies to become proficient readers
    • Develop thinking skills by predicting, reflecting on and evaluating literature
    • Implement the writing process, focusing on ideas and organization
    • Use capital letters and end punctuation in writing


    • Practice addition and subtraction facts to 18 and use with double digit problems
    • Solve word problems using learned concepts
    • Explore graphing, time, money, geometry, fractions, and probability concepts


    • Investigate concepts in physical, life, chemical, and earth science with hands-on activities
    • Predict, observe and record using scientific method
    • Participate in environmental learning in NHCA butterfly garden and local nature center
    • Integrate Christian worldview

Social Studies

    • Explore social concepts surrounding the family, the community, and the world
    • Learn about Christmas traditions in our families and around the world
    • Meet workers from our community and learn about their helping roles
    • Discover facts about the place and culture of Africa

Special Projects/Trips

    • Community Helpers presentations and video
    • Sharing God’s love with residents at a local senior housing residence
    • Reading Buddies with the fourth graders
    • Class plays
    • First Grade Authors
    • Monthly school-wide TEAM events