Student Ministries aims to partner with families in their God-given role of raising up students in the training and instruction of the Lord. It is our desire for Jesus Christ to be the greatest joy in the lives of our youth by helping them find their true identity and acceptance in the gospel. Middle School (grades 6–8) & High School (grades 9–12).

SUNDAY Mornings


Students (grades 6–12) are encouraged to volunteer within a ministry that brings them joy. There are a number of opportunities for students to serve the North Heights community. Check out the Serve page or contact Student Ministry staff. Because of this, we understand students will be busy on Sunday mornings.


E6 Class (for grade 6)


Wednesdays, September18–May 13, 6:30–8pm, Arden Hills
Middle School (grades 6–8) & High School (grades 9–12). Dive deep into exploring faith, discovering purpose and learning to live eternally significant lives. More Info.


Willie Gunard or 651-797-7846
Bobbie Booth or 651-797-7894
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